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Darren Pawski Weighs in on Finance, Plumbing, and Other Issues Requiring Advance Planning

May 9th, 2016


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Darren Pawski Plumbing

A recent article detailing what was called the “secret shame” of the American middle class pointed out that a surprising number of those occupying what is often portrayed as an entirely secure financial class of American society would be largely unable to come up with $400 in the event of an emergency. There are many reasons why this is the case, notes Darren Pawski, as many are saddled with many different kinds of debt or have simply overextended themselves financially for something such as higher education, which they value so deeply that it is perceived as worthy of the subsequent financial instability.

Perhaps there is something noble about a family moving to an overly expensive area or neighborhood in order to provide their children with access to a better school system, and there are indications that in many cases this is an entirely reasonable investment in a child’s future. Pawksi wonders, however, if these kinds of circumstances would be necessary if these middle-class Americans were more committed to long-term financial planning.

It simply should not be the case that a homeowner is unable to have a plumbing issue corrected by a professional — or has to go deeper into debt to do so — when they are making up to six figures per year. With adequate and advance financial planning, being debt-free and having cash on hand for any emergency is an entirely reasonable outcome.

Nick Alsis Discusses Causes of Common Plumbing Issues

April 14th, 2016

background-1239373_960_720There is a reason that most homeowners dread the circumstances in which they are forced to call on a plumber, particularly since the problems requiring a plumber’s assistance often involve a significant inconvenience or an issue capable of causing serious damage to other parts of the home. Nick Alsis has often advocated for preventive strategies for avoiding these kinds of scenarios, noting that the best possible approach is simply to develop a deeper awareness of the kinds of conditions that lead to the most common and most frustrating plumbing issues.

The most common issue, of course, is the clogged drainpipe. In a shower or a sink, a clog can lead to slow drainage and standing water, which can then place stress on the pipes in a manner that leads to leaky pipes that affect other areas of the home. Clogs typically develop slowly over time, which is why homeowners have to be consistent in ensuring the drain covers are firmly in place at all times and that the pipes are cleaned on a regular basis. With a regular focus on this type of maintenance, the need for a plumber can be reduced by a significant degree.

Kareem Elsirafy Urges Homeowners to Invest in Regular Inspections

February 15th, 2016

As a highly respected and well-educated entrepreneur, Kareem Elsirafy tends to see things from a different perspective. Most homeowners regard home repairs and maintenance as an expense that either comes as something of a surprise or is an expenditure they actively try to avoid for as long as possible. A shrewd businessman who recognizes the importance of avoiding only unnecessary expenses, Kareem Elsirafy has tried to help homeowners understand that a regular maintenance or inspection program is less of an expense and more of an investment.

With regard to plumbing, Elsirafy pointed out that most of the issues professionals encounter on a daily basis could have been easily avoided with a regular inspection program. Unfortunately, many homeowners roll the dice with their plumbing systems and simply hope nothing goes wrong. This attitude, however, often leads to a major issue developing that is far more costly to repair and is also very likely to be a significant inconvenience.

For those who wish to avoid the cost of a major repair while also avoiding the minimal cost associated with a maintenance or inspection program, Elsirafy recommends taking a basic course in plumbing as he once did. With a better understanding of the inner workings of his plumbing system along with the skills to perform some basic repairs, Elsirafy is able to recognize any potential issues before they worsen and understands when to make a repair on his own and when it is time to call for professional assistance.

Fixing Dana Sibilsky’s Low Water Pressure

November 30th, 2015

It’s always a pleasure to do business with someone who also does business with other people. These are the types of people you want as a plumber making visits to houses, because these types of people deal with people every day and understand you as a person. The more professional they are, the better they are, typically speaking of course.

This past Friday I had the honor of meeting with a wonderful woman named Dana Sibilsky who never gave me any trouble while I did my job. She was kind, polite and didn’t nag of badger me while I was working. Yes folks, that does happen. I have had to deal with some people who I would have been happy to do plumbing on their attitudes. Dana was a pleasure to work with through and through.

As it turns out, Dana and I technically have the same job except she deals with the human mind as a psychiatrist and I deal with pipes. We are both problem solvers and have to deal with people every day, which I may have to say is my favorite part of the job.

The problem she had was a very common problem I see in homes all the time dealing with low water pressure. How do you know when you have low pressure in the water? When you notice water isn’t “hitting as hard” as it should. If your water is flowing when it should be gushing, you have low water pressure. Although this is a common problem, the cause of the problem could be rare such as a break in the main line that could bring down your water pressure for a short time.

The water that was entering her pipes was carrying different deposits and dissolved minerals that deposit themselves on the metal surfaces sooner or later. In other words, it’s a ticking bomb just waiting to cause problems over time.

Animal Sanctuary Took in Two Stuck Kittens

November 26th, 2015

I have been in the plumbing business for a long time. I’ve worked on my share of pipes and systems for over 10 years, then began my own plumbing business for the past 20 years. I have seen just about every kind of matter come out of a pipe that was causing the problem. I’ve plumbed massive gunk and hairballs out of pipes, sludge, leaves, dirt and other earthly matter, but it’s not everyday you find something in your pipes that is, well, living.

Just a few weeks ago, I received a very interesting story from one of the new guys on the job. Apparently, the way it happened was he plumbed out 2 young kittens out of the pipes and they were still alive! How they got down in there is a mystery to everyone, but it does happen, except when it does happen, it’s not a kitten, but a raccoon, squirrel, or even a rabbit.

I can only imagine the look on his face when it pulls out gunk from a pipe that is alive and crying. The kittens were taken to the Animal Sanctuary of the St. Croix Valley, where they will be nurtured back to good health, cleaned, groomed and possibly make some new friends. The Animal Sanctuary has a long and positive history of taking in lost, hurting or neglected animals and ensuring they are in good health under their wing. I have a lot of respect for that. I’m not so sure though they have taken in animals that have been stuck in a pipe for who knows how long.

When dealing with a situation like this, you have to know exactly what you’re doing. In this case, the pipe had to be cut at the right location, obviously not where the kittens were because that would have been a…cat-astrophe. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, you also have to move quickly. You’re not sure how long they have been stuck in the pipe and so it is crucial to use every second you have. The new guy passed this difficult test with flying colors however. I’m not all too sure the procedure he went with, but it worked. He saved lives and saved the pipe without cutting into it.

I couldn’t say I would blame him at all if he didn’t want to be a plumber anymore after an experience like that. It had to have been highly stressful for his first few weeks on the job.

Don’t Give Your Plumber The Karl Jobst Interview While Working

September 23rd, 2015

When you work with someone’s property, you have to get used to the owner of that property hovering over you and asking tons of questions. If you’re a rookie on the job, this is going to get highly frustrating very quickly—but if you have done this before, you’ll be used to it.

When I was just beginning my career as a plumber, it wasn’t uncommon for be to operate under a house fixing pipes and problems while the owner of the house, pipes and problems was crouched beside me drilling me with questions as if I was being interviewed like Karl Jobst for a job I was already doing!

The questions would range from, “How long have you been a plumber?” to, “Do you really think you can fix this thing?” and everything inbetween.

My advice for people of natural curiosity would be if you have a professional over at your house, leave them alone. They have a job to do. You don’t like your boss hovering over you when you work, do you?

Whether You’re Peter Lik Or A Plumber—Success Will Come

September 18th, 2015

Plumbing is one of those things that takes time to learn. You have to learn about mostly the problems and when you learn about the problems, you learn about how plumbing works at the same time. To learn the problems, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and with time, you’ll master your technique much like the world-famous professionals such as boxing legend Muhammad Ali or even photographer Peter Lik.

With the right amount of time, you could be a successful plumber if you have the right tools, but that’s not enough; you need a success philosophy and you’ll be on you way. Pretty soon, you’ll make it big and people will pay any price for your services simply because you’re the master and they want a job done right.

Drain Clog

June 19th, 2015

The average drain will clog up with hair and stuff.  I would not call a plumber for this simple problem.  Just take the plug rod out and clear the clog.  The drain rod is used to raise and lower the plug.untitled (151) images17RYNMC2  I usually remove the rod then pull the plug out entirely.  This is where most drains plug as hair hangs.  When you put the drain rod back in don’t thread the rod through the plug so you can remove it easily next time.  It will still move up and down.  Tim DeCapua is a plumber and know what to do most of the time.

Down the Drain

June 4th, 2015

Do the over the counter drain unstoppers really work or is it just money down the drain?  The average person will give them a try before calling out the plumber.  The cost is worth a try.imagesLUWNX2CA imagesY6G9UXY7 imagesI3M9FNSQ  Liquid Plumber will help if the blockage is primarily hair as it will break it down.  If the obstruction is anything else you will need a plumber.  If you have even minimal skills you can take the drain trap apart and clear it yourself.  Be sure to reassemble the trap properly or the resulting leak could make you wish you had called the plumber.  Terry Simpson MD is a good doctor but a terrible plumber.

Plastic or Copper Pipes?

May 18th, 2015

The new homes are no longer using galvanized or black piping.  What is the best replacement?  Plastic or copper?  Well copper is the best but the cost and installation is very expensive.  Sweating a copper pipe joint requires some skill to avoid leaks.  Plasticuntitled (107) untitled (106) is the piping of choice for new construction ad it can be bent around corners without a joint.  The ease of installation makes the installation much cheaper.  If you are a home owner you will find dealing with the plastic piping a better choice all round.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football are plastic pipe fans. If you go with the plastic piping you will not be disappointed.